All’s Fair in Love & War, Chapter Six: Sweet Disposition


Hey guys! sorry I haven’t updated in a while but I am back! I will try to update as often as I can! But here is another chapter! Hope you all enjoy! 

Song: Drunk by Ed Sheeran

“I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed and every excuse I made up, I’ll tell you the truth I hate what didn’t kill me; It never made me stronger at all.”


My eyes flutter open and instantly my head throbs with the after effects of last night’s occurrences. Not much of the night comes to memory, but nothing compares to the confusion I feel right now as I sit in a strange bedroom in a place where I know I have never been before. I try to sit up and look around the room, but the sharp pain that protrudes from behind my eyes as I try to look out the window prevents me from doing so. The only thing I recognize is that I am on the right side of the wrong bed.

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in case you missed it last week! :)

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ruesclues asked: The noise that came out of my mouth when I realized you were back was a just a little bit inhumane. Holy crap I'm actually in love with this story. ♥

aw thank you


You may see this post and scroll through it, but I just want to let you guys know that I love you very much. I’m glad to be here and get crazy without anyone judging.